A perfect fit between personality and the selection of a specialization are essential for an individual in giving his/her best to the profession.

A career in management has become of prime importance over the last few years. Management itself is a very wide discipline; hence students who choose management as a career step into the discipline with a question as to which major specialization to choose. This choice is influenced by various factors, such as stereotypes for occupations, an individual’s skills and abilities, the job market for a particular specialization, the influence of family members, the personality of individuals and many others. The influencing factors are external as well as internal to every individual.

Specialization should be selected on the basis of personality types. A right match between personality and specialization selection may help an individual for giving his/her best to the profession. A perfect fit between the personality and the business major of a student has implications for both the institution and the student. An article from Paradigm highlights the importance of measuring the compatibility of students’ measured personalities with their desired work environment, as the career of an individual depends on the academic major they choose.

For the institution, it will be helpful for providing and creating a favourable environment for the personality development of an individual along with imparting the basic and proper knowledge of a course. This will help students in self-improvement and self-learning and to adapt to the changing realities of a modern market. As personality is an integral part of an individual, it will help them decide future career path.

The article also suggest that proper study on the subject can have implications for academicians, trainers and career counsellors. They can identify the personality trait exhibited by an individual and guide them in choosing their career path. It will also be helpful for organizations for identifying the person–job fit. Choosing the specialization matching a personality type will help students know their own pace, inclination or capability to finish the course they enrol in. It will also help in designing various career guidance programmes. This can be incorporated in academic counselling and career planning decisions as well.


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