India's first Chinaman Bowler 'Kuldeep Yadav' rattles Australia in Dharamsala Test

March 27, 2017; Crafting a thrill around the lanes of Indian Cricket, Kuldeep Yadav became the first ‘chinaman’ to play a Test match for the India men’s national team. His contribution to the team became even more special, as he picked up four wickets against the Aussies.

The ‘chinaman’ is a rare sight in cricket. Made famous by the likes of Sir Garfield Sobers, Michael Bevan, and Brad Hogg, the chinaman is a delivery bowled by a left-arm wrist-spinner. And, given its rich tradition of spin bowling, it is really surprising that the subcontinent till recently did not have a single Chinaman bowler in their test history.

 “Mid-wicket Tales: From Trumper to Tendulkar” by S. Giridhar and V. J. Raghunath interestingly has a chapter dedicated to the chinaman bowlers with facts and quaint anecdotes about this rare tribe of bowlers. The chapter concludes with a tribute to Mumtaz Hussain, the wonderfully talented spinner from Hyderabad who was perhaps the one Chinaman bowler in India who came closest to a Test selection more than 45 years ago. And now Kuldeep Yadav has burst upon the scene and in one magical spell, became the toast of the nation!

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