Have you talked to your child about sexual abuse?

Does your child know the difference between a ‘bad touch’ and a ‘good touch’? Did you bother to talk about this with your kid? If you understand how a child feels when sexually abused, you will also understand why is it important to be open to sharing and teaching our children about child sexual abuse.
According to Ministry of Women and Child Development survey, 53.2% of children in India are sexually abused. When we speak about child abuse, it is imperative to discuss certain form of abuses and exploitation of children. According to National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), England, there can be two different types of sexual abuse to children, namely contact abuse which includes penetrative sexual abuse and unwanted sexual touching. The second is no-contact abuse which includes encouraging children to see or hear sexual acts, online abuse, porn images and so on.
In most cases, children are not even aware they are being sexually abused. Unless the parents are aware about the psychological as well as physical effect of ‘bad touch’ on the children, the latter may continue to suffer and may grow up as extremely complicated teenagers who may either be violent in nature or may suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

In many instances, it is seen that when a child complains about a particular uncomfortable incidence that has happened with him/her, elders or caregivers refuse to take it seriously. Thus, it becomes a mandate that parents and teachers should impart this knowledge to the kids. They should be taught that a touch that makes them feel uncomfortable is a bad touch and should be reported immediately.
A recent publication by SAGE, ChildSexual Abuse and Protection Laws in India studies the nature of sexual offences theories that explain why they occur, and the laws for regulating the same. It discusses It discusses the role of the judiciary and the criminal justice machinery in preventing abuse and cyber sexual crimes targeting children. This book studies the existing legal procedural provisions, regulations with case laws, several new mechanisms to deal with juvenile delinquency, rehabilitation of juvenile offenders, various jurisprudential understandings and judicial analysis of the issue.

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