Human factor from womb to tomb

If your dream job is to play a role in creating a positive workplace culture and engage in personnel development, gaining the right qualifications and professional accreditation is essential. At the heart of every successful business lies the human resources team which drives all aspects of staff management. Human Resource Management (HRM) has emerged as a potential green area attracting attention of people worldwide from all corners, including industries, education, banking, hospitals, tourism, etc. It is so because human factor is the only active factor of production while other factors of production are passive and are made active only by human factor whether visibly or invisibly. It is here that HRM comes into vogue as it takes care of human factor from womb to tomb i.e. right from procurement to retirement and even thereafter. It is therefore natural that in order to attract, maintain and retain the desired talent, every organization is keen to have the best possible human resource management.

SAGE Publishing has a fast growing list of high-quality textbooks on Human Resources written by industry and subject experts. Dr. R.C. Sharma, Founder Vice-Chancellor, Amity University Haryana (AUH), who is presently Professor Emeritus, Amity Business School introduces you to HRM and also enlightens on a relatively new, yet popular concept of Employee value proposition (EVP) through this article. It is not only the employees that gain from EVP by way of attracting and retaining the desired talent but also the prospective employees. EVP facilitates them to make a decision whether they should join an organization or not.

However, attracting and retaining the desired talent is not a simple task. It involves a lot of things but, of late, the concept of employee value proposition, (EVP) is gaining momentum. EVP is a set of associations and offerings provided by an organization in return for the skills, capabilities and experience an employee brings to the organization. EVP is, thus, the value that employees get in return for working at their organizations.

Every organization should, therefore, build unique brands of themselves in the eyes of their prospective employees to attract them. This essentially implies developing a statement of ‘why the total work experience at their organizations is superior to that at other organisations. The value proposition, therefore, should outline the unique employee policies, programmes, rewards and benefit programmes that prove an organisation’s commitment to people. It should define to a prospective employee’s ‘why should I join this organization?’ Not only this, EVP should be well communicated in all hiring efforts of the organization. As such it may be duly reflected on the company’s website, job advertisements and letters extending employment opportunities.

Building EVP

While thinking about creating an employer band, we first think about how it looks. Hence, we focus on a logo or the type of font to use as this is what our prospective employees see first. However, simply having an attractive face may not suffice. It should be lively as well as having its own personality. It is here, that EVP comes into picture because the EVP is how life can be put into your employer band. In order to develop a meaningful value proposition, the six steps to be taken involve dig, listen, analyse, decide, build and codify. EVP provides a fairly good idea about the organization concerned - its philosophy and HR policies, employer’s concern for its employees, facilities available for personal growth, benefits, both financial and non-financial, available to the employees, and finally the future of the employees at the organization.

To know more about the aforesaid six steps, read Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice by R.C. Sharma and Nipun Sharma published by SAGE India.
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* Author Credits:  R C Sharma
This article was originally published on University Express, on December 27, 2018.

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