Values-an integral part of company’s DNA

 There is skepticism regarding the role of values in business. Values are at best implemented as checklists and codes of conduct and not as a fundamental way of enhancing stakeholder wellbeing, including employees, customers, vendors, and the larger ecosystem. In the current scenario, organizations take note of values only when instances of ethical malpractices surface – be it financial, gender-based, IP, etc. 

Truly speaking, values bring out the best in individuals, teams and the organization, by establishing a strong foundation for actions and interactions. Right from improving the effectiveness of day-to-day meetings, to creating a culture of creativity and innovation, values form the substratum for every aspect and functioning of the organization.

A recent publication by SAGE Good Values, Great Businessestablishes a strong rationale for instilling values in business organizations, by demonstrating how values are the foundation for excellence, productivity, creativity, quality and for creating a stress-free work environment. By presenting experiences, challenges, inspirations, and conflicts regarding values, this book will help employees at all levels strengthen their conviction regarding values at the workplace.

Addressing managers at all levels, the senior management, and the leadership, the book pragmatically discusses how to build and nurture a values-based culture in the organization.

The authors examine the subject of values from the point of view of each individual’s personal journey and finally delve into the crucial topic of values-based leadership, which is indispensable for a culture of values.  
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