My family celebrates the launch of my book

About a year ago, SAGE published the first of my books on the subject of sales: ‘Sales People Don’t Lie’. I had a hard time convincing my colleagues that it was not personal. I tried hard to tell them that it was a SAGE way of getting noticed. No, sales people do not tell lies. 

I doubt I made any headway in convincing our sales stalwarts that they were not being insulted. Yadav called me from Azamgarh and complained, “Boss, did you really believe that?”. Unprepared for this onslaught from a person who taught me the rudiments of selling, a revered sales Guru of mine, now retired, I asked with some foreboding, “What’s it all about?” 

“Saheb you have written a book that calls sales people liars. Is this fair? Never expected it from you.” 

I faintly asked, “Yadav, have you read my book?” 

To which he countered, “Have you sent me an autographed copy?” 

Here, too, he had me on the back foot. Contrary to common knowledge, publishers don’t give away complimentary copies any more. I made a note to buy one from Amazon and have it shipped directly to Azamgarh. I went into a short defense of my book, which he terminated with an unhappy “Okay, I will read it once I get it and come back to you”. 

The book reached him and I have not heard from him yet. Could it be that be never got down to reading it?

I never realized that there were so many in my family who would be hurt if they did not receive an autographed copy. I decided to keep the family undivided on the subject of whether “Sales People Don’t Lie”. Peace in the family is worth the financial hit. 

At family events I look forward to getting honest reviews from the dear ones who would have been hurt not to receive a free signed copy. I failed to collect any unsolicited reviews. When prodded, the small group of loved ones quickly dissolved with un- convincing “Yeah, very good”. 

My efforts to explore these terse reviews, met with little success. 

My second book titled: “A startup’s guide to sales”, will be published ,come this October. I must seriously review my complimentary list. 

Strife, too, helps bond families.

Article credits: Roshan L. Joseph, author of Salespeople Don’t Lie.