D&I Game: Experiencing Diversity and Inclusion

Given below are 10 statements related to situations that you might experience during the course of your work. Please tick the most appropriate answer for each given statement. Some statements may be characteristic or uncharacteristic of you. Nevertheless, try to relate each situation to your own experience and choose an answer that is most typical of you.

Please rate yourself using the following scale:
  • Almost never      1
  • Rarely                 2
  • Sometimes          3
  • Usually               4
  • Almost always    5

If your total score is between
  • 41 and 50: Congratulations! You can thrive in a multicultural environment, thanks to your high level of cultural competency. 
  • 31 and 40: Good! You are competent to collaboratively operate in a multicultural environment. You can try getting better at the game, by boosting your inclusivity. 
  • 21 and 30: You are in the okay zone. While you do not come across as somebody with strong cultural biases, there is definite scope for improvement. Identify your zones of discomfort in a multicultural context and work on voiding this zone.
  • 10 and 20: You are in the initial stages of building your cultural competence. Greater exposure can help build your awareness towards becoming more inclusive of different cultures.