Evaluation of a Flipped Classroom Model: A Case Study from Oman

The current study analyses the effect of the flipped approach on student performance. The study makes comparisons among the module performance (pass percentage) across different semesters. The higher education institution selected for the research study is based in Oman, and it is offering various programmes affiliated with two different partner universities from the UK.

The academic challenge in higher education, blended learning has become a prevalent practice in universities and colleges across the globe. The flipped learning signifies afresh developing a form of blended learning, where individually students go through the content of the lectures and watch online lectures before the classes (Lee, Lim, & Kim, 2017).

The flipped approach, which aims to create more room and time for the more in-depth instruction and to provide more personalized learning for the students, has gained importance in education institutions (LaFee, 2013).

A business programme offered by the institution is taken as a case for the study and the student performance in different modules are considered starting from Fall 2014 semester until Fall 2016 semester, a total of five semesters’ results are used in the analyses.

There is almost a total of 31 modules included in the programme structure, and in the Fall 2014 semester, the traditional approach was used for all modules. In Spring 2015 semester, 8 modules were flipped whereas 23 modules were taught by a traditional approach; in Fall 2015 semester, 16 modules were flipped, and when it came to Spring 2016 semester, 24 modules out of 31 modules were flipped.

The study is aiming to add value to the literature considering that there are not many studies available on flipped learning as far as concerning Oman (Lane-Kelso, 2014). There are studies conducted that have provided the practice in the flipped learning approach in education in the stream of engineering along with the guidance for practitioners (Karabulut-Ilgu, Cherrez, & Jahren, 2018).

Also, the article evaluates a flipped learning approach which was implemented as a pilot project by an education institution based in the Gulf region.

An analysis has been made to study the impact of the flipped classroom approach on the overall performance of students while focusing on different aspects which includes the influence on various type of assessments, academic performance, learning and development, and academic support activities.

Besides, an analysis has been attempted to check whether flipped learning reduces the plagiarism cases, impact on student attendance, student participation in extracurricular activities, impact on student’s knowledge, influence on student collaboration, effect on improvement in the ability to solve problems and impact of this approach on helping students to take the responsibility of their learning and become self-learners.

Besides, the present study is divided into five major sections:

(a) critical review of the existing literature,

(b) the methodology section explaining the methodology employed for evaluation of the flipped classroom learning; this section also mentions research questions, objectives and hypothesis for the study,

(c) the finding section wherein detailed finding are presented,

(d) at the end, discussion and conclusion sums up the whole study and provide appropriate conclusions based on the findings.

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