“Media Metrics” - the new buzzword in the glossary of Media Research

Prof (Dr.) Manoj Dayal is a faculty of Media Studies, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar (Haryana). SAGE is the proud publisher of her book “Media Metrics”. SAGE has a fast-growing list of high-quality textbooks in Communication and Media Studies.

Do you know “Media Metrics” is a new buzzword in the glossary of media research? But it is getting global identity day in and day out. This is simply because media research at this stage demands more scientific approach, accuracy, reliability, validity and authenticity like any other grown-up social sciences research like Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Management, Education, etc.
Are you seriously thinking how all such traits can be added to the advancement of media research?
The answer lies in wisely and intelligently using mathematics and statistics in media research for scientific collection and scientific analysis of data. Since mathematics is a science of all sciences, so it contributes a lot here in leading to the scientific approach of media research.
Are we all aware of the basic facts what does media metrics relate to?
The answer is media metrics is the proper use of mathematics and statistics in media research and it broadly relates to the problems of media variables measurement, media sub-variables evaluation, media quantification, media datafication and media mathesis.
Do you know what does media metrics mean in print media?
In print media, it means the measurement of its different variables to attain as a systematic and scientific approach with accuracy, reliability, validity and authenticity.
Again, do you know what does print media research include?
It includes readership studies, typography, page make-up studies(manual as well as digital) and readability analysis. It also includes precision journalism and database journalism.
What does media metrics mean in electronic media?
In fact, it relates to measurement and quantification of variables of electronic media in order to attain accuracy, authenticity, reliability and validity in electronic media. It means evaluation and calculation of any data regarding the variables of radio, television and films.
What does media metrics mean in Corporate Communication and Public Relations?
It means the calculation of several variables of corporate communication and public relations. It relates to the measurement of any data relating to the variables of environmental monitoring, public relations audits and social audits.
Do you know what is the relevance of media metrics in advertising?
 It relates to the datafication of numerous variables and factors of advertising to attain accuracy, reliability and validity in advertising research. It also evaluates the variables of radio jingles, television advertising and film advertising.
What does media metrics mean in web media and social media?
Here it means calculation of many variables of web media, social media, digital media, new media and so on and so forth so as to attain accuracy, reliability and validity in media research.  As far as applying media metrics in web media is concerned, it can lead to measurement and quantification of any data relating to the variables of web and different allied areas of journalism and mass communication like print media, electronic media, advertising, public relations, corporate communication, development communication, social marketing,  etc.

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