'We're already too late; we don't want to become irrelevant.'

            by Amitabh P Mishra and Ashish Ranjan, authors of A Modern Playbook of Digital Transformation

A few years ago, when we were involved with the commencement of digital transformation at one of the world's largest metals and mining companies, the senior-most executive was quite blunt in his assessment of where things stood from the viewpoint of digital transformation. His point was that the company realized that it was late; however, by delaying digital transformation, they ran the risk of becoming irrelevant in a few years. The words are even more relevant and urgent in today's environment of uncertainty, where having a digital presence may well signify the difference between (business) life and death. 

For example, if a bank can't meet 90% or more of a customer's needs online, it may not survive this crisis. Now, having established the need to begin your digital transformation journey, which resource do you need right away? Look no further than our new book, 'A Modern Playbook of Digital Transformation,' which will provide you with the recipe for a successful digital transformation. 

Order this book today if you wish to accelerate your transformation journey and avoid costly pitfalls. 


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