Green HRM

by Soni Agarwal and Roma Puri, authors of  

Green HRM: A Climate Conscious Route to Triple Bottom Line

To sustain is to continue living on this planet with fresh air, clean water and food, and human beings need to re-establish connection with Mother Nature. Nature has already given us in abundance. With a rapid escalation of inhabitants, the subsequent increase in business has exploited a lot, and it is thus urgent to realize that we need to learn to balance the carrying capacity of Earth’s supporting ecosystems. 

Sustainability, go green initiatives and environment management (EM) are steadily becoming part of board meetings and corporate vocabulary. The giant question here is whether sustainability is the responsibility of only a handful of organizations. Is this enough on our part when we document green industry practices in sustainability reports, the achievement of awards, etc.? Another imperative question is how can HR contribute to sustainability? Although in most of the cases, the standing of employees and their direct/indirect, active or passive role has not been emphasized. Also, how other organizations can take lessons from their predecessors to follow the same? Also, analysis of industry practices and benefits gained by them with the involvement of motivated employees is the prerequisite. 

The book, Green HRM intends to answer these questions by developing a conceptual framework that links organizational factors, that is, vision and mission, leadership, organizational culture, employees’ pro-environmental attitude, Green HR practices with organizational outcomes with the help of case studies of organizations. The book begins with an explanation of sustainable development, environmentally conscious HR or Green HR and how organizations bump into mandatory sustainability requirements and where they fall short. It takes readers through sustainable business models that neatly mesh sustainability with strategy. Success stories of employees who have become agents of transformation and have transcended the organizational boundaries to promote sustainability in society add to the narrative of the book. It shares stories of how their passion resonated in their homes, workplaces and society. The book explores organizations have taken a sustainability approach to manage their operations, the role of employees in sharpening the green focus of the organizations and the contributions of leadership in making organizations sustainable. There are several stories of organizations, leaders and employees that have embarked upon the sustainability journey. These stories not only demonstrate how sustainability goals were accomplished but also establish that it is possible for all organizations to begin this journey for themselves. One of the important aspects which this book deals with is the role of HRM in facilitating sustainability implementation by impacting employee behaviour. This particular aspect of HRM is still largely overlooked. This book is supposed to be an eye-opener and an inspiration for managers to commit to the environmental cause in their organizations.


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