Use of New Media by Administrators/Educators in Journalism Schools

 -From Asia Pacific Media Educator

 Journalism education is shaping up as one of the premier fields of education. With new media becoming the backbone of the journalism industry, there is a change in curriculum and pedagogy in journalism education. Journalism administrators and educators have to help gradates attain all skills essential to understand the media industry and in particular new media practices and changing trends.

Students in the journalism programme are now required to take basic and advanced courses on new media journalism, production, and design. These courses are designed to develop the pupils’ competence to produce high-quality journalism in a new media environment, and to help them understand some of the critical issues facing journalists today and in the future. 


Students explore the implications and use of experimental new media technologies for journalism, the nature of news content, and the evolving structure of news organizations to include news and content dissemination. The universities, both government and private, in India have adopted new media to fulfil this requisition, and yet there is more to be achieved, as its application in the day-to-day teaching-learning process still has loopholes.


This study is about private and public (government) journalism schools in India and focuses on their willingness to adopt the requisite skillset and display adaptability towards using new media.


The shift from distribution to circulation signals a movement towards a more participatory model of culture, one which sees the public not as simply consumers of pre-constructed messages but as people who are shaping, sharing, reframing, and remixing media content in ways that might not have been previously imagined. 


Primary data was collected via an interview. Secondary data was gathered from existing curricula from government and private journalism institutes. This article contains a detailed analysis of the interviews conducted with respondents, while secondary data has only been used to enhance the researcher’s understanding in establishing grounds for primary data collection for purposes of brevity. 


There is a need for the educator to adapt to the need of the digital native student, experiment with new media tools to develop their ICT skills, bring forth a discourse on the apt use of the medium and help pupils put it into practice. The students are certainly digital natives, yet they would need a direction to engage productively with the mammoth content available on the Internet, and to utilize new media tools in a manner that is a valuable addition to their education and learning.


Only by understanding the application of the tools will the administrators/educators be able to help students learn these tools too. It is difficult to understand the complexities involved in the use of new media. However, that does not mean that one should not make use of them to access information.


Journalism academia’s use of new media tools in administrative tasks, curriculum enhancement, pedagogy, evaluation, and feedback will, in turn, bring about a drastic change in the media industry, as the prospective journalists will be adept in the use of new media, hence changing the entire discourse on media and communication theories concerning new media practices.





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