Is work autonomy to employees an important factor to accomplish workplace creativity!

In the current global competitive business environment, organizations prioritize more innovative and creative performance by the employers. Technologies and approaches are changing, so it is important to update and implement new knowledge. In every organization, discovery and implementation of new and novel ideas and products are very essential to sustain the growth in a challenging business environment.

An employee’s creativity which determines Organizational innovativeness is valuable for attaining growth and success. A healthy work environment is necessary for developing and implementing an employee’s workplace creativity. It includes necessary infrastructure, support and coordination by the supervisors and other authorities, good organizational design and structure, etc.

Several organizational factors affect an employee’s creative performance. In particular, an employee’s job-related freedom is more relevant for its creative performance. Work autonomy is defined as the freedom related with the work activities and decision-making. The task-related decision-making and performance strategies by the employees’ will directly influence their creative outcomes. Work autonomy may be defined as the degree to which an individual is given freedom and discretion in carrying out a task.

The work-related freedom not only enhances employees’ creative performance but also helps to pace their work-related activities. Work autonomy directly contributes to employees’ job satisfaction. An empirical investigation carried out upon Indian management graduates indicate that graduates are more attracted to long-term growth factors in the job than short-term benefits while choosing their first employer and job autonomy along with work condition, and job challenge are major constituents of long-term growth. Autonomy provides better choices for the application of their work and it helps them to explore their ideas freely. Employees’ work autonomy helps them to make decisions freely about their task and distinguishing among the strategies related to their task.

Thus, Work method autonomy and workplace creativity are positively correlated and autonomy in the workplace plays an important role in generating employees’ creative ideas and performance. 

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