SAGE announces the winner of prestigious Rob Potter Prize 2015!

The leading independent academic publisher, SAGE announces this year’s winner of “Rob Potter—Best Article Award”. The award was instituted in the memory of Professor Rob Potter last year, for the most noteworthy article featured in Progress in Development Studies.
Prof Rob Potter, a distinguished academic expert on urban geography and the geographies of development was, the founding Editor-in-Chief of Progress in Development Studies, a flagship journal of SAGE. His contributions in the field are unparalleled to any.

Progress in Development Studies serves as a forum to discuss development issues, ranging from poverty alleviation and international aid; the international debt crisis; economic development and industrialization to political governance and civil society; gender relations and the rights of the child. It takes the view that development should be defined as change, whether positive or negative. Truly international in scope, the journal provides up-to-the-minute overviews of the current knowledge in the field.

Although the award was instituted last year but has since then become very popular within academia. This is prevalent from the number of submissions received for this year, which has surpassed last year’s record.
The winning article "Trust and the wealth of nations" by Prof Nurullah Gur, Istanbul Medipol University, School of Business and Management Sciences, Beykoz, Istanbul, Turkey has been awarded a cash prize of $200 and was published in the April 2015 issue (Volume 15, Issue 2). The list of other nominated articles has been included in the October issue of the journal (Volume 15, Issue 4). The selection process for the best article is at the sole discretion of the journal editorial board.
Extending his heartfelt congratulations to Prof Nurullah Gur for bagging this year’s award, Mr Vivek Mehra, MD & CEO, SAGE Publications India said, “We hope to foster such edifying and high-quality papers on Development Studies & Sustainable Development from scholars around the world, through this award".

Read the award winning article here


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