The Impact of Celebrity Expertise on Advertising Effectiveness: The Mediating Role of Celebrity Brand Fit

Endorsements are advertising messages which reflect findings or experience of someone other than the sponsor. It can be in the form of verbal statements, demonstrations or depictions of the name, signature, likeness or other identifying personal characteristics of an individual or the name or seal of an organization. Most of the endorsement advertisement includes celebrities, consumer, company professionals and experts. The studies have shown that celebrity endorser is effective for low technical oriented product and products with high psychological and social risks. On an overall, the celebrity endorsement is considered to create more recall of advertisement than any other endorsement strategy.

Celebrity endorsers are an important feature of modern marketing, and their use continues to grow. Celebrities Endorser is intended to provide the consumer with a shortcut by allowing the consumer to avoid the time-consuming task of comparing product attributes. Accordingly, it is assumed that consumers are encouraged to rely on the celebrity’s expertise or experience in making the right choice, versus engaging in elaborate attribute-based product evaluation. For this, the consumer uses the characteristics of celebrity to form a valid assertion of the product.

The effectiveness of the endorser depends on the meanings he or she brings to the endorsement processes. A celebrity draws powerful meanings from the roles they assume in their television, movie, military, athletic and other careers. Most literature in the field of communication and marketing have evaluated how source personality and lifestyle meaning influence a persuasive communication. Source expertise in the field product class endorsed is one of the most important celebrity characteristics that influence communication effectiveness. This study from the journal 'Vision' evaluates the impact of celebrity expertise on social advertisement effectiveness. The finding of the article indicates that when the marketers choose a celebrity for any particular products, they should consider a celebrity who has got experience in bringing value to that product range and who can fit well with the brand.

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