Millennial lens: What do they expect from their employers?

Currently, we have about 2 billion millennials in the world. Engaging this cohort for businesses, societies and nations is no more a matter of choice but rather a compulsion. Companies need to rethink their strategy when it comes to hiring and engaging millennials.

The 2016 millennial survey by Deloitte presents an alarming scenario that shows majority of the millennials or Gen Y workers are likely to change their companies by 2020. The survey also points to the fact that this lack of loyalty may be a sign of poor levels of engagement of millennial workers around the world turning out to be a huge red flag for all companies.

What would a millennial look for when choosing a company to work? What are the factors that will bear more weightage than others? If companies wants to attract millennials, then they must take into consideration what they really expect from their workplace.

Dr Debashish Sengupta, Director, Alliance School of Business Alliance University, Bangalore, India in his book “The Life of Y” writes about engaging millennials at the workplace providing insights on how businesses and organizations can redesign the strategy to build attractive workplaces that appeal to these young workers.

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