Data Storytelling

Data is fact. Stories are fiction.
Data is boring. Stories are interesting.

Then how can these two be combined, is a question that comes to most minds when they hear the term ‘Data Storytelling’. It is in fact, this sheer need to make Data interesting and memorable that compels us to borrow the principles of Storytelling and unleash the true power of data.

Have you cringed when seeing presentations full of coloured graphs and charts which provide no insight into the data?
Ever found charts which need to be analyzed to decipher its meaning tedious and boring?
Have you poured over reports which need to be read and re-read to be understood?
If the answer to the above is a resounding YES, then welcome to the world of Data Storytelling!

THE POWER OF DATA STORYTELLING will transform the way one thinks and communicates with data. It shows how to stop reporting data and start communicating insights that form the base of an impactful story. This book takes one on a storytelling journey. Introducing simple tools, concepts and practical nuances that help build and craft, impactful, written and visual Data Stories. The multitude of practical illustrations also act as a ready reckoner which can be applied right away!

*Author Credits: Sejal Vora, Corporate Trainer

The Power of Data Storytelling

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