HOW DO YOU GET WHAT YOU REALLY WANT? Is it a myth or is it possible?

I do for YOU what NASA did to get a man on the moon. I lift you up one league. And I want to leave you with a question; “Do you always feel energized and in balance?” – Anne-Mette Røsting

Anne-Mette Røsting is an intuitive visionary, philanthropist, and a changemaker. With a Masters of Business Administration degree, specializing in marketing and organizational management, she has over 15 years of experience in managing large international companies and mentoring at the Norwegian Business School. 

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How many times have you wanted something else than what you really got?

How many times have you talked yourself down?

Do you feel good enough?

Can you have the feeling of studies stressing you?

Are you capable of leading yourself to the results that you want in studies and life?

The answer to all of these questions is: It´s all about how you lead yourself. It is all about how you meet the world with your thoughts, feelings and actions, and I have found a hidden key to it all that I gladly share. The key has changed many peoples life and my life forever.

Life is challenging from time to time, but the biggest challenge is that there is a human crisis in the world today. We spend too little on our talents. Many people go through life without being close to their talent - and many never find it. Among these are many of our leaders today, and they once where students. I meet many people in my practice who do not have fun in life. They just stick with it. At the same time I also meet people who love what they do. It's not what they do they love, that's who they are that they really love. They are authentic - they are sensational leader stars and not leader sheep, following the footsteps of others.

Remember that knowledge is only other people’s findings. The future is wisdom, and wisdom is learning from and acting on what you believe in. Whether the result is good or bad, what do you think is the downside of this way of living? I only have one answer: The worst that can happen is that you learn and grow as a student and human.

In the beginning of 2002, I found a formula that changed my work and life. I found that a great leader is the master of manifestation, who can call on all humans to serve the greater good. When the power to co-create is used with integrity, great beauty and benefit flow to all. When the power to manifest is used only for personal gain, everyone suffers. Never forget that the world is only mirroring back to you the condition of your love and intent, so a great student or leader changes from within before they take any action. You can never lead others until you have learned to lead yourself.

What is the difference between a good and a great student or leader?
What you focus on and give your energy and attention to will become a reality, whether you want it or not. So, what do you really want as a student or a future leader?
The proven difference is emotional intelligence. And it can be learned. To learn emotional intelligence, there are valuable tools that I found are working out for everyone. It is all about reprogramming and refreshing your thinking to become a great student and get great results. When you know that what you give focus, energy, and attention becomes a reality, then the important question to ask yourself is: “How can I then grow as a student or leader from where I am in the now?”

This article was originally published on University Express,


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