Monday, March 18, 2019

Handy tips for staying happy at work

Stress levels are rising among employed Indians, nearly 80 per cent of working professionals in India complain that they suffer from stress.
'Workplace stress' or 'occupational stress' is identified as a medical hazard, which has serious physical and psychological implications on individuals' well being.

Here is a 2-minute read that can help you in keeping stress at bay.

1.   Worried about deadlines?
Eat and sleep at the same time as much as possible. Disconnect mentally and electronically from work at least an hour before sleep time. Our work is not that important, and folks, before we had infrequent connections and the sky, did not fall.

2.   Difficult Boss, Office Politics and Competition?
Dismount a dead horse. It is difficult to make it work, and far easier to search and settle on another live horse. This is a good mental model for thinking about your relationship with your boss.

3.   Recognize that everyone makes mistakes
Be gentle with yourself when you regret, ask if we are judging too harshly from the benefit of hindsight.

4.   Dealing with a Surfeit of Information?
Reason actively. Construct your core argument and then fill in with information. Running behind the information is wasteful.

5.   Exercises for overcoming anxiety
Engage in joyful attention once every 4 hours in your working day. Sit down to just absorb an object in front of you. Just notice all the details, wonder what caused it, wonder how it will change tomorrow. The idea is to externalize your attention and slowly and deliberately take on the world one object at a time.
You can also list your worries and either take action or take mitigating action or make a choice to face up to it if it happens.

Tips from the book: Happiness at Work

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