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Special Issue: Customer needs and demand management in the global marketplace: Emerging management and marketing practices

The current climate of global competition, web-based technologies, and the use of social media and integrative software systems among others has created a shift in the business model for companies from selling products and providing services to a strategy that’s focused on customer satisfaction.

Establishing strong relationships between the firm and its customers and suppliers has resulted in using methodologies to create a value chain to deliver the best value to consumers around the globe.
The discussion on critical issues of satisfying customer needs and managing demand under the marketing and management prisms of subjects such as: (1) customer relationship management and consumer management in the internet age, (2) co-creation of shared value, (3) building new marketing capabilities, (4) managing effectively and efficiently supply chain networks, and (5) demand management strategies will offer for the first time a clearer picture about organizations’ challenges of balancing customer demands with customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The purpose of this special issue is to highlight important multidisciplinary contemporary themes, perspectives, and emerging practices in management and marketing in order to meet customer demands in the global market place. The intention is to raise the understanding of the new issues of the term “demand management” and how it can be achieved today in the global marketplace. This special issue is targeting academicians, researchers, and managers. However, the aim is to offer significant original knowledge and visualize its value to practitioners, professionals, and consultants.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • New conceptualizations and approaches for demand management
  • From narrow management and marketing approaches to the creation of shared value
  • Barriers and the transitioning to Marketing 3.0
  • Profiling management and marketing practices in emerging economies
  • Building and deploying marketing capabilities by emerging marketing firms in competitive markets
  • Consumer management in the internet age
  • Customer needs, wants and demands and strategic decision making
  • Balancing competing customer demands with customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • New demand response models
  • New theories, models, and frameworks to understand customer demands today
  • Effect of marketing channels’ practices on organizational performance
  • Facilitating customer relationship management
  • Models and frameworks for omni-channel retail supply chains
  • Managing long supply chain networks
  • International marketing strategies in emerging exporting firms
  • CRM as an emerging management practice
  • Customer centricity in small exporting firms
  • Customer demands and privacy: big data’s marketing applications
  • Customer perspectives on managing sustainability orientation
  • Foreign global brands and cultural respect in emerging markets
  • Brand localization in international markets.

All papers are refereed through a peer review process. All papers must be submitted online.
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Last Date of Submitting the manuscript: August 15, 2019

For any query about the special issue feel free to get in touch with the guest editors:
Dr. George Spais
Western Greece University of Applied Sciences, Greece

Dr. Hooshang Beheshti
Radford University, USA

Dr. Sudhir Rana
Fortune Institute of International Business, India