Marketing-textbooks must make students hail, “I'm lovin' marketing”

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Marketing is one of the most sought after fields today. Dr. Ramaswamy, author of our bestselling textbook Marketing Management: Indian Context Global Perspective, SIXTH EDITION published by SAGEshares his views on what makes the students say I'm lovin' marketing”.

'While agreeing to contribute to this Blog, I had failed to notice that the request had come with a stringent limit on word-count. I am used to writing books of 5 lakh words! Me, to write something within 350 words? No chance, used as I am for elaboration, not condensing. But, it had to be done. I picked a “mini-feature” of this book and wrote this “mini-blog” on it! The “mini-cases” in the book is the “mini-feature” I am referring to, and this “mini blog” is on this mini-feature.'
-Dr. Ramaswamy

Marketing books must make students say, “I'm lovin' marketing”. They must render teaching and learning of marketing so interesting. It is heartening that our recent book has made students say, “I'm lovin' marketing”.

The “Mini-Cases” does the trick
The “mini-cases” in the book is the main inducement for students to hail, I'm lovin' marketing” while studying marketing through this book. The feedback from students and instructors confirm this. Some samples:
“I felt I have read a marketing book of an exceptionally high standard. The mini-Cases have greatly contributed to this outcome”.
“The mini-Cases bring in practical insight on the best practices of marketing”.
“The mini-Cases glitter as stars”.
 “The mini-Cases help the book distinguish itself from all other marketing textbooks”.

Why did we decide to bring in the “Mini-Cases” in the first place?
While developing this book, my co-author and I made one cardinal decision viz, every concept/strategy/technique of marketing discussed must be supported by examples/Cases. The space-limitation stopped us from bringing in lengthy Case-studies; we could not have accommodated even 4/5 of such Case-studies, whereas we needed around 30 to cover all the topics. The “Mini-Case” was the answer. It offered another advantage too. We could adopt the time-honoured “Indian technique of teaching through story-telling”. Our “mini-cases” are actually stories on the experiences and practices of Indian as well as global companies. Again, the stories are self-contained and do not need hours of class discussions by students for decoding.

Let me say, “ Oh ‘Mini-Cases! Thank you for making this book a most-loved text on the subject.

You can checkout the 5-star rated book here!

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