National Education Day and Women School Leaders

Moment we think of education, school comes to our memory, so also our favorite teacher and principal. If it is a woman principal we remember her for her strict rules veiled beneath her affection and love for the children. 

It is unusal not to remember our schooling days without women teachers and principals. However, it is sad that economies are not able to capitalize sufficiently the potential of women

To consider them as equal partners in development through WID and GAD guarantees a substantial increase in the GDP of the nation. As leaders, women make a difference through their unique approaches to the psycho-social climate around them. In contrast, they are appointed as leaders during crisis to navigate through hard-to-reverse situations due to their unique leadership qualities which were otherwise considered soft!! 

Strength for women leaders comes from education and financial freedom gained through employment besides their moral and ethical moorings acquired from the family. They become role models for the young girls and boys. 

Women school leaders in India are way different from the women leaders working in the corporate sector in multi-national companies. Teaching is considered as a quasi profession and for women it is assumed to be family-friendly. 
Most of the women school leaders come from humble background and struggle their way to accomplish their dreams to prove that they are professionals. Here, education comes as a strong weapon for the women school leaders that boost their confidence to face oddities, gender differences and gender discriminations not by questioning but by rejecting covert and overt compulsions without heeding to social and psychological barriers. 

On the occasion of National Education day, it is a tribute to all women leaders in school education who have made a difference to the lives of children and families around them.

Article credits: N.Mythili, Assistant Professor, NCSL, NIEPA, and author of Women in school Leadership


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