The influence of 'small talk'!

Have you ever peeled an onion? Small talk is like peeling an onion. You reach the core only when you have peeled all the layers off. Peeling the layers is difficult. They bring tears, but the final outcome is enjoyable. The process of peeling could be made more interesting and this is what makes a small talk interesting. Small talk is also an extension of your personality.

But How Does Short Talk Influence?

While you are sitting with a stylist, doctor or in a restaurant, don’t you like it when they make the experience better with what they talk about? If you do, then surely short talks do have the power to influence. It also gives a positive environment to talk and discuss, thus leaving a positive outcome. 

We generally like to do business and meet with people we know and find ourselves comfortable around them. However, small talks are not only for the people you know in a group but also for the people you do not know. It is putting your focus on your connections and non-acquaintances. Small talks, therefore, help in mutual understanding and building the necessary trust. They also help you build a positive image about yourself, which will help you be remembered amongst all the others present.

In today’s world, we are moving tremendously fast. Our lives are so busy that we rarely get the time to engage people in conversations. However, people appreciate it when they are listened and spoken to. These are the investments that you are making, which are risk-free. For individuals in business, it must be an inherent part of your skillset. It will not only help you connect with people around but make you more likeable and approachable. You also tend to feel good and rejuvenated at the end of small talk. An excerpt from the popular book titled, How to Get a Job on Wall Street, by Scott Hoover, reads, ‘In trying to generate business, the deal pitch is obviously critical. Whatis not so obvious is that simple, seemingly innocuous conversation with potential clients can be just as important. Companies want to hire people who can think on their feet.’

A small talk, for example, could lead you into a better job or a sales opportunity and also opens up a world of experiences of people which they otherwise would not share. 


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