Optimism in Times of Corona Crisis

by Padmakali Banerjee, author of The Power of Positivity 

The words ‘Corona’, ‘Covid-19’ and ‘pandemic’ have been menacing every waking and sleeping hours of our lives. We could never imagine in the month of February that our fast paced life would suddenly come to a standstill. All our plans will remain in our planner and the milestones we needed to cover will have a new name - ‘Social Distancing’.

One thing that stresses us the most is uncertainty. Even with the recent leniency in the lockdown with unlock 1.0 we are still sitting at home, helpless, desperate and waiting for this fury to calm down. But the world has come to accept that we will have to learn to live with it and adapt to a ‘new normal’.

The power of positivity and optimism, which is our 7th Sense, is the attitude that gives us strength to stand firm at the most difficult and trying times of our lives which builds the resilience to deal with the turbulent times. Optimism helps us to distance ourselves from catastrophic thinking and negative thoughts.

People who recovered from Corona had one thing in common; they all showed highest levels of resilience and positivity. While pain is a reality, suffering is not. A ninety-year-old woman from Kerala is top of the list as she defeated the disease due to her sheer will power and the desire to live. It is a fact that resilience has direct correlation with developing immunity. Thus, while we boost our immunity with vitamins or exercise, we should also start working towards enhancing our optimistic intelligence, the attitude that fortifies us and helps us choose alertness and cheerfulness over despair.

First, take things in your stride and avoid overanalyzing. Keeping a fatality score is catastrophic and needs to be avoided. Instead, work on positives, create a network and stay connected with those who matter. If we look at the positives, Corona has also given us time to connect with our loved ones, to pursue a hobby, to pen down a book or a poem, to slow down and enjoy the bounty of nature, to smile at people and exchange pleasantries, empathize and feel the real emotions.

The pandemic has given young entrepreneurs a barrage of opportunity. They have launched new EdTech companies and other tech-based companies.  It’s the time to build new skills, develop new talents, explore and discover.

The idea is to not stop living, just live differently. If we follow the new guidelines of safety we can still enjoy each moment of our life. A perfect example would be a motor cycle ride with a helmet on. Equip yourself with a mask and the sanitizer and the world is all yours to live, to admire and to enjoy, as delightful as ever.

This crisis will leave us with loads of learning. It is giving us a lesson against discrimination, arrogance, inequality, greed and selfishness. It is teaching us to be happy within our means, the importance of relationships, the significance of nature and its limited resources. We are also learning that we are all equal for nature and no matter how rich and powerful we are there’s no way we can fight what nature decides for us. It’s a wakeup call for all. It’s a new beginning.  Believe in the supreme power of optimism. Innovation and adaptability to the new normal is the need of the hour coupled with a belief that there will always be sunrise and there will be always be a new and happier tomorrow.



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