Karma Sutras: Leadership and Wisdom in Uncertain Times

 by Debashis Chatterjee, author of 

Karma Sutras: Leadership and Wisdom in Uncertain Times

Leadership is not the privilege of a handful of high-flying executives. At its very best, it is a state of relationship between the leader and the led. A relationship cannot be possessed or dominated by a single person; it ceases to be a relationship then. 

My book, Karma Sutras, recognises that in each follower, there is an emerging leader. Leaders can lead because they are empowered by the spirit of followership. Here, I have tried to present not one model of leadership but several dimensions of followership that constitute a leader. 

This book is divided into two distinct segments as indicated by the title. These segments are Karma and Sutras. The first part is about the context of the word ‘karma’. Contrary to popular belief, karma is not about fatalistic action. It is the broader and invisible context in which work takes place. Karma includes will, thought, intent and acts of omission as well as commission. They all create the large ecology of karma in which we find ourselves. 

The second part is called 'sutras' or insights. In Sanskrit, sutra means thread. These sutras provide deep insights into the art and practice of leadership from several thought leaders and spiritual traditions of the world. 

This book is a treasure trove of simple but subtle ideas in the form of sutras. I would suggest that you read the book in the same way that it was written—in silence and solitude. A certain receptivity and quietness of mind is required to come to terms with what the great masters of antiquity and the present are trying to convey to us through their lived lives and spoken words. 

The book is a blueprint for success in the organisational and personal sphere in the post-Covid era. It contains management mantras distilled from 25 years of leadership practice in all six continents of the world and will help you navigate the technology-driven culture of 21st century business. 

Karma Sutras is a collection of aphorisms that fabricates concrete work and abstract wisdom teachings that throws light on leadership patterns needed for the 4.0 world. This work vividly encapsulates the scientific truths about organisation, work, self-mastery and the purpose of leadership that is evident for this post-Covid world. The book is timelier in nature and caters to the issues most leaders come across in a disruptive world. Laced with small narratives from current issues to motivating stories to relatable quotes, Karma Sutras is not just useful for the corporate world but for just about anyone who believes in making a difference! 


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