The Underbelly of CORPORATE FRAUDS


Robin Banerjee is the CEO of a large manufacturing company. He has worked across the globe. He is a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, Company Secretary and M Com. He is in the Board of Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs for Independent Directors, Government of India; Board of SME Chamber and in Boards of various companies. Robin is the Chairman, CII (Maharashtra) for Finance & Tax. He is a much sought after speaker and writer.

There is hardly any book available on common cons practiced by the corporates across the globe. None perhaps has addressed the entire gamut of business hoax.

Think of the East India Company. This business outfit came to India to do business and then stayed on to loot for 200 years. And this is not a solitary instance. 

Linkage of corruption and bribery with businesses are well known. Big names have been involved. Corruption usurps almost 5 percent of world’s GDP.

Difficult to comprehend new technology companies are another threat. It is common knowledge that companies like Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and GM did emission cheating under technology garb. 

Cybercrimes is one of the biggest threats to all of us. One doesn’t know whether our bank balances will remain safe for ever. Please note, every computer system is hackable. 

Banks playing foul is long known. It happens both ways. When banks are cheated; and when banks cheat on us. 

Many rich hide their wealth. Money laundering, creating shell companies, offshore banking and hiding ill-gotten wealth from the taxmen, are practiced.

Converting black money into white and vice-versa is rather popular. What are the methodologies? All opened, in the book. 

Ponzi and pyramid schemes are a big menace. As you are reading, there will be some new scheme getting hatched somewhere. 

Stock markets are somewhere we place our confidence to maximize our savings. But it’s full of potholes. Insider trading, penny stocks, short selling, falsified profit numbers of companies, are rather common.

Our way of knowing how companies are performing is through their accounting numbers. But when they are falsified and doctored, what do we do?  Can audited accounts help? 

Corporate frauds are hidden crimes. Beware – it’s getting bigger, broader and bolder. 

Over 350 live stories with names of corporate frauds in this book. You may not have read something like this before.

Read our latest book ‘
Corporate Frauds: Business Crimes now Bigger, Broader, Bolder’ to be aware, anticipate and avoid the business-world charlatans lurking around to con us. 

The article has been authored by 
Robin Banerjeewho is the CEO of a large manufacturing company and has worked across the globe.

Check out the title Corporate Frauds by Robin Banerjee, that has over 350 live stories with names of corporate frauds.



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  2. Robin Banerjee is the CEO of a large manufacturing company. He has worked across the globe. He has always been fascinated by the unique Pay Someone To Do Your Coursework and unusual. As a child, he had a fascination with everything from rocks to birds. In high school, he was interested in science and mathematics. His love for science led him to a career in manufacturing. He graduated from MIT with a degree in engineering and then went on to work for Raytheon. He then started his own company which is now one of the largest in the world.


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