Leveraging Social Media to Build Online Social Capital and Employer Brand

 From NHRD Network Journal

Organisations increasingly use virtual means to connect with stakeholders to project an employer image among job seekers. Social media-based networking and employer branding strategies to attract and retain talent are effective strategies in the post-COVID scenario.

One effective way to ensure that the relevant stakeholders are kept aware and interested is to strengthen one’s online presence, build a strong brand image and manage their social capital resources. Social networks help organisations reach out to current and potential employees, apart from facilitating customer acquisition and retention initiatives. In the context of business organisations, social capital accruing through social networks provide access to critical information, goodwill, legitimacy, human and financial capital, marketing benefits and competitive capabilities (Batjargal, 2003; Mukul & Saini, 2021; Mukul et al., 2022,). Literature suggests that the concepts of social capital (Bourdieu, 1986; Coleman, 1988) and employer branding (Itam et al., 2020) can influence an organisation’s customers and its image (Saini, 2020). With the phenomenal rise in the usage of social media, it is imperative for organisations to strategically explore, build and monitor their virtual presence and expansion. There is an evident need for research in this area to explore the interlinkages among the concepts of social capital created through social media, employer branding and networking efforts to build a solid social media capital that is relevant for talent attraction. 

An organisation can create social media capital through its social media efforts, which can be a differentiating factor in the new age technology-driven world. Social media capital is a relatively new form of wealth that can be tracked in real-time, is unequally dispersed, is gained through a distinct set of communicative practises, and calls for unique mechanisms for its acquisition and disbursement. These features add to its distinctive advantage as a potentially strategic resource. 

The present study explains how social media activities affect social media capital generation and employer branding. The research examines how social media activities by organisations may help them leverage online social capital resources to create a strong employer brand. Extant literature illustrates how social media has increased the reach and scope for meaningful networking and greater possibilities of reaching out to potential employees through employer branding initiatives. Innovative social media tools for messaging and communicating, such as hashtags, tweeting, pinning, posting, likes and sharing, have made the outcomes more tangible, measurable and reliable. This facilitates effective social capital management to generate an employer’s reputation and a superior employer brand.


  1. Social networks assist organizations in reaching out to present and potential employees, as well as supporting consumer acquisition and retention campaigns. In the context of corporate organizations, social capital acquired through social networks provides access to important information, goodwill, legitimacy, human and financial capital, marketing benefits, and competitive skills (Batjargal, 2003; Mukul & Saini, 2021; Mukul et al., 2022). Thank you for sharing your insight! Keep up the great work! Continue sharing. Please feel free to browse my website.

  2. Organisations increasingly use virtual means to connect with stakeholders to project an employer image among job seekers. Social media-based networking and employer branding strategies to attract and retain talent are effective strategies in the post-COVID scenario.
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    The article highlights the importance of social media in cultivating online social capital and strengthening an organization's employer brand. It provides practical insights on engaging with target audiences, emphasizing employee advocacy and humanizing the brand. The article also addresses challenges, emphasizes storytelling, and provides best practices for leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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    The article highlights the significance of social media in building online social capital and enhancing an employer's brand. It provides case studies to illustrate successful strategies and highlights the role of employee advocacy programs in amplifying the employer brand message. The article also discusses potential challenges and offers practical solutions. It also provides tips for engaging with potential candidates and fostering authentic interactions on social media. It also explores emerging trends in social media recruitment strategies and their impact on employer branding efforts. The article suggests measuring and evaluating social media initiatives to assess their impact on brand perception and recruitment outcomes.

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